Beenear has signed the Romanian Diversity Charter

We have always been true believers in the power of diversity and of how this can bring unity in our communities. That is why, on the occasion of Beenear’s 18th anniversary, we thought of no better gift to properly institutionalize this trait of ours, by signing the Romanian Diversity Charter.

By adhering to the Romanian Diversity Charter, Beenear declares itself firmly and constantly committed to creating a workplace where equality is the lowest common denominator among people and to spreading this culture also in Iasi, having been the first to have adhered to this big chance.

"Everything is beautiful," says Dostoevsky. "Everyone is beautiful" we say aloud and add, all with the same rights and duties and possibilities, regardless of gender, racial or ethnic origin, color, religion or belief, genetic characteristics, and disability, finally by age and LGBTIQ+ identity. This is our task from now on.

Beenear is a company that has more than 15 years of experience in the IT&C market in Iasi. It is a company where the saying that goes 'A company cannot grow more than the level of its employees' represents one of the core values, the team, which has now more than 145 members, in the two offices located in Moara de Foc (Solomons Building and Niciman).  The success and growth of Beenear were always guaranteed by these core values, the team, the client, the innovation and last but not least, leadership.

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on 18 April 2018, Romania thus becoming the 21st country in the European Union with a Diversity Charter and benefiting from the membership in the European Diversity Platform. Today, the Charter brings together 186 signatories, covering approx. 230.000 employees from companies, public institutions and NGOs, who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter, so that diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion become values acknowledged and respected in Romania. Under the auspices of the Romanian Diversity Charter, several initiatives have taken place (experience exchanges, workshops, seminars, debates, task forces, learning and mentorship programs) where different practices and organizational policies of diversity management were presented, analyzed, debated and disseminated. Since 2021 the Charter and its signatories celebrate together the EU Diversity Month to promote diversity in the workplace and in society. More information at