Gilead has signed the Romanian Diversity Charter

By signing the Diversity Charter in the first months after launching the new affiliate, Gilead Sciences (GSR) Romania, we are just walking the talk, and ultimately align to our core values.

I’m proud and grateful to work for a company that both recognizes and celebrates our differences. It is only through our diverse perspectives that we can achieve transformative scientific breakthroughs and build strong relationships with external stakeholders. Gilead has taken action to develop an inclusive and diverse culture to ensure that we are doing everything possible to serve our patients.

We have done our best to integrate the people who were contributing for the success of opening this subsidiary in Romania while we are ready to welcome new talents that will lead us to success.

Claudiu Cheles, General Manager of Gilead Sciences Romania

Gilead Sciences: 35 years of D&I Corporate Culture

At Gilead, Diversity & Inclusion is not only a core value, but we can say it is part of our DNA and probably our successful 35 years history is based on this. 

We are continuously committed to creating an inclusive culture which enables all our over 12,000 colleagues around the world to always do their best, relying on the diversity of the people, patients, and communities we serve.

Our employees' diversity is one of our most prized assets. Our success depends on every one of our employees, and the ways in which we differ are among our greatest sources of strength. Visible and non-visible attributes include race, gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity, disability, appearance, thinking patterns, beliefs, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, and education. Inclusion at Gilead is a core value and means creating and fostering a work environment where our differences are valued, and people feel involved, respected, and connected.

Gilead's goals of creating a better, happier world requires a diverse workforce. We are driving our inclusive culture at the highest standards across our industry and beyond, allowing everyone in Gilead to deliver their best possible work and in the benefit of our diverse patient base. As a company and global citizens, we can and must go even faster.

What are Gilead’s overall D&I aspirations? We seek to be the employer of choice for diverse talent, to foster an inclusive culture where differences are leveraged to innovate and enable our mission, and to be respected for equitable and socially responsible practices. 

Diversity and inclusion at Gilead 

Committing to our core D&I widely agreed principles helps accelerate our innovation, increase performance, and ultimately achieve our mission – it is more than just the right thing to do. It is essential in driving an inclusive culture and meeting the needs of patients.

The Romanian Diversity Charter

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on 18 April 2018, Romania thus becoming the 21st country in the European Union with a Diversity Charter and benefiting from the membership in the European Diversity Platform. Today, the Charter brings together 179 signatories, covering approx. 230.000 employees from companies, public institutions and NGOs, who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter, so that diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion become values acknowledged and respected in Romania. Under the auspices of the Romanian Diversity Charter, several initiatives have taken place (experience exchanges, workshops, seminars, debates, task forces, learning and mentorship programs) where different practices and organizational policies of diversity management were presented, analyzed, debated and disseminated. Since 2021 the Charter and its signatories celebrate together the EU Diversity Month to promote diversity in the workplace and in society. More information at