BRD Asigurări de Viață has signed the Romanian Diversity Charter

We are delighted to welcome BRD Asigurări de Viață to the Romanian Diversity Charter family, celebrating their dedication to diversity and inclusion in both their workforce and corporate culture.

Benjamin Turquin, CEO BRD Asigurări de Viață, declared:

“By joining the Romanian Diversity Charter initiative, BRD Asigurări de Viață reaffirms its dedication to fostering a society and workplace valuing and embracing diversity and inclusion. We believe in the strength and innovation emerging from the diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences of this community.

BRD Asigurări de Viață strongly believes that embracing differences can foster innovation, creativity and ultimately, enhance business results. Our commitment aims at promoting equality and inclusion in every aspect of our activity. This means ensuring every individual is offered equal opportunities to succeed and feels valued, regardless of their background or identity.

Diversity is a core value at BRD Asigurări de Viață. We are acting to eliminate biases, promote equality and aim to act as a catalyst for positive change in society.”

BRD Asigurări de Viață, established in 2009, is a subsidiary of the BRD - Societe Generale group. This organization has marked its presence in the Romanian life insurance market by offering a complex range of products tailored to both individuals and businesses. The company's commitment to maintaining high professional standards and ethical principles is obvious in its operations and client relations.

BRD Asigurări de Viață benefits from the global experience and best practices in the life insurance sector from Societe Generale Assurances. This strategic alliance with the Societe Generale group enables the company to enhance its service offerings and strengthen its market position. The company's business model, heavily influenced by the 'bancassurance' approach, highlights its dedication to blending banking and insurance services in a cohesive manner.

The core values of BRD Asigurări de Viață - innovation, teamwork, responsibility and commitment - shape the company's culture. These principles drive its strategies, promoting excellence in service delivery and ensuring customer satisfaction. BRD Asigurări de Viață's focus remains on building long-term, trust-based partnerships with clients, thereby contributing significantly to their financial security and well-being.

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on April 18, 2018, making Romania the 21st country in the European Union to adopt a Diversity Charter and join the European Diversity Platform. Currently, the Charter has gathered 233 signatories, representing approximately 285,000 employees from companies, public institutions, and NGOs. These signatories have publicly committed to upholding the principles of the Charter, aiming to make diversity, equal opportunities, and social inclusion recognized and respected values in Romania. Under the guidance of the Charter, numerous initiatives have been implemented, including experience exchanges, workshops, debates, and learning and mentorship programs. Since 2021, the Charter and its signatories have jointly celebrated the EU Diversity Month, which aims to promote diversity in the workplace and society as a whole.