Societe Generale European Business Services signs the Romanian Diversity Charter

Within Societe Generale European Business Services, diversity and inclusion are not only outputs of legal obligations, but also a strategic direction that enables our organization to compete on the Romanian market and to remain firmly committed to our role in the world's positive transformations.

Our conviction is to be a company where employees feel comfortable as they are, reflecting the diversity of the society in which we operate. This diversity of profiles is the strength of our company as well as a competitive advantage. Our aim is to mix our differences, to listen to each other and to challenge each other in order to drive creativity, performance, responsibility and attractiveness.

Our desire is to recognize and promote all talents, regardless of their beliefs, age, disability, parental status, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, membership of a political, religious or minority organization, or any other characteristic that could be subject to discrimination. We want to act for the benefit of both individual and collective interests by creating the conditions for an inclusive company that offers equitable treatment through short-term action (sharing of best practices in particular) and medium- to long-term action (actions on behaviors related to diversity or to prejudices or stereotypes, as well as processes).

We are committed to always taking an ethical approach with the willingness to preserve long-term trust and, together, maintain loyalty relationships. And we also believe that the capacity to have a positive impact for society and the environment will be central to the evolution of the banking sector.

We feel that our beliefs are perfectly aligned with the principles of the Romanian Diversity Charter and, through its signature, we want to join the common effort of transforming the society we live in.

Matthieu Pasquier, CEO Societe Generale European Business Services


Societe Generale European Business Services was founded in 2011 as a service center for the Societe Generale Group. The company provides high-quality professional services in various fields of activity to Group entities around the world.
SG EBS activity has grown substantially in recent years; from a single division, Finance, in 2011, the company has transformed itself into a complex center offering a wide range of services: financial, human resources, IT and the latest business line focuses on supporting corporate functions in the operational, KYC (Know Your Customer) or back office.
Now the company has around 2,500 employees which serve more than 35 countries for all of Societe Generale's major business lines.
SG EBS believes in the values truly lived by its employees, not just written on posters on the company's halls. Team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment are the beliefs that guide the company in relationships with colleagues, partners, Societe Generale, in daily activities and in decisions to be made. These values help SG EBS provide the Group with the support it needs to develop a sustainable business based on responsibility and innovation.

The official launch of the Romanian Diversity Charter took place on 18 April 2018, Romania thus becoming the 21st country in the European Union with a Diversity Charter and benefiting from the membership in the European Diversity Platform. The Diversity Charter brings together 108 signatories, covering approx. 153,000 employees from companies, public institutions and NGOs, who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter, so that diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion become values acknowledged and respected in Romania. Under the auspices of the Romanian Diversity Charter, several initiatives have taken place (experience exchanges, workshops, seminars) where different practices and organizational policies of diversity management were presented, analyzed, debated and disseminated.