Tino Lindner, General Manager of JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel: We do not aim for diversity, we live it

In today’s post, Tino Lindner, General Manager of JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, talks about what actions the company has been taking in diversity management.

Why and since when does your company believe and invest in diversity management?

Being founded in America, where diversity has always been a focal point, Marriott Intl has consistently cultivated the spirit of integration and valuing diversity ever since its inauguration, back in 1927. To cite one of our credo, „diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our core values and strategic business goals.“

What aspects of diversity management have the highest priority in your company?

Evidently the overall goal would be to perfectly integrate each associate, regardless of his or hers background; providing an environment where all feel comfortable and supported to exercise and enhance their expertise, express their individuality and always push their potential. Currently, the team of our hotel proudly encompasses associates ranging from 16 to 60, of different nationalities such as German, Czech, Turkish, Peruvian, Italian or Indian, and our goal is to create a consistent and coherent team, efficient and collaborative and, not least, a proud and happy team, able to deliver seamless and impeccable service to our guests.

Which D&I activities have been implemented in your organization so far?

In our hotel, we offer constant and customized support to all of the associates. For instance, upon hiring or even before that, our soon to be colleagues that come from other countries, are supported with all sorts of administrative, medical or lodging necessities. Generally, internal communication, trainings and such are delivered in English.

Many companies aren't prioritizing inclusion and diversity initiatives right now. Why should they reconsider?

I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone how they should run their business but what I can say is that diversity comes with strength and unity and a creative and diversified approach to everyday tasks. We live in a fast developing society where international business has become a necessity in order to grow, so more than the general common sense, it is vital for a company to expand and include as much diverse talent as possible.

In your opinion, what tangible benefits does diversity bring to your company?

Talent, experience, business value know no boundaries... selecting employees shouldn’t either. Different backgrounds and experiences bring different solutions and the more diversified the more changes a business has to run smooth and successful operations.

Can you name three diversity challenges that companies have to pay attention to?

I find it difficult to name any challenges since diversity comes natural in our company and there are no significant occurrence that I know of. Language might be one, but in our company, our hotel and generally in today’s society, English has become at least the second language.

What do you do to convince your colleagues to see the value in diversity management, or even more to truly get them on board?

As I stated before, diversity does not feel like a purpose to us, but rather the only sensible, reasonable and natural way of running business. We do not aim for diversity, we live it.

Interview by Dana Oancea